• Integrate Donations, Fundraising, and Virtual Run

    Easily integrate fundraising and donation options to support your event's charity or cause. A Virtual Run or Sleep-In registration option can also boost your event fundraising goals.

  • Event Shirts, Swag Packages, and Merchandise Sales

    From standard Ts to performance tech shirts and jerseys, the event SWAG and merchandising options that can be included during online registration are only limited by your imagination.

  • Free Volunteer Registration Platform for GMR Clients

    We understand that volunteers are the unsung heroes behind every event. In turn, we offer a FREE volunteer registration platform to support our clients. From simple to robust, our team can create your online volunteer registration form.


We offer a full range of features and tools to manage your secure online registration event form.

The Get Me Registered Difference

Registrant's personal information will never be sold, traded, or disseminated in any way.

Many other providers take your... Learn More...

  1. Administrative Access 24/7

    Event administrators receive complete 24/7 access to their event data to manage, download, view payments and... Learn More...

  2. Weekly Payments

    Registration payments are sent weekly via direct deposit or monthly via check, and include all transactions through the previous... Learn More...

  3. Fundraising & Donations

    Easily integrate fundraising and donation options to support your event's charity or cause... Learn More...

  4. Registration Button

    Each event receives an event-specific, linkable Registration Button to integrate into their event website or... Learn More...

  5. Unique Event QR Code

    Each event receives a unique, event-specific QR (Quick Response) code to integrate into marketing materials... Learn More...

  6. Confirm Entry Widget

    Each event receives an event-specific, entry confirmation widget to integrate into their event website or... Learn More...

  7. Social Media & Email Marketing

    We have integrated the most popular social media sharing networks and email capabilities to support the successful marketing of... Learn More...

  8. Mobile & Responsive

    Easily register anywhere and manage your event on your smartphone or tablet... Learn More...

  9. Register From Facebook

    Participants can register directly from the event's Facebook page. The GMR APP adds the registration form to the page allowing participants to register... Learn More...

  10. Volunteer Registration

    We offer a FREE volunteer registration platform to support our clients. From simple to robust we can create a form to meet your event needs... Learn More...

  11. Resend Confirmation Email

    If participants have lost the original or need a copy of their confirmation email, they can easily resend it from here 24/7... Learn More...

  12. Confirm Your Registration

    Participants can easily look-up and confirm their event registration(s) from here 24/7... Learn More...

Generous and robust reporting tools:

  1. real-time access to your online database
  2. real-time access to payments/disbursements
  3. search for and edit registrant records
  4. view registration breakdown
  5. view demographics
  6. view shirts - quantity and size breakdown
  7. view registrant answers to questions
  8. view custom charges - purchases, donations, add-ons
  9. discount code reports
  10. comp/free codes report
  11. referral URL

Form management:

  1. view registrations
  2. view funds collected
  3. edit/updates form settings and content
  4. set shirt cap/limits
  5. create and manage discount and comp/free codes
  6. add Shopify products
  7. add opt-in to ROAD iD

Customized and branded forms:

  1. we customize, and brand your form, based on your event details and data collection needs
  2. add your event logo
  3. add a custom header
  4. customize form colors and fonts
  5. include sponsor's logos and website links
  6. include charity's logos and website links
  7. cross-promote with other GMR registration forms

Communication and Social Media:

  1. email event registrants
  2. add event website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram links
  3. add a race results link
  4. add a custom message to your confirmation email
  5. receive email notifications when someone registers
  6. add your form to Facebook using the GMR App
  7. add Facebook or Google pixel tracking
  8. social media sharing throughout registration
  9. participants can confirm their entry 24/7
  10. participants can resend a confirmation email 24/7
  11. integrate these third-party email clients:
    1. Constant Contact integration
    2. Delivra integration
    3. iContact integration
    4. MailChimp integration

Legendary Client Service:

  1. experts in Secure Online Registration since 2004
  2. we have worked with the largest, nationally recognized events in the industry
  3. staff and company offices in three (3) time zones

Free support services:

  1. OnlineRaceResults.com for posting finisher results
  2. OnlineRaceCalendar.com for posting your event
  3. Volunteer Registration Platform - FREE for current clients

Experts in Secure Online Registration

Trusted by local, regional, and nationally-recognized events since 2004.