Our Privacy Policy and Our Promise

Get Me Registered, owner of GetMeRegistered.com, respects the personal privacy of site visitors. This document describes how we use the information you provide. This policy applies only to Get Me Registered's use of your information as collected on this website. By providing your information during the use of this site, you attest your understanding and acceptance of this policy.

Changes to this policy will be posted to this web page.

updated: July 25, 2012

last reviewed: May 6, 2014

Information Collected

Site visitors under the age of 13 are not allowed to submit personal information on GetMeRegistered.com. A parent or guardian must register on behalf of any child under the age of 13.

Registration Data

Get Me Registered collects and stores mailing, contact, and identifying details (age, gender, et cetera) as necessary to register a user's participation in events which use the online registration services of GetMeRegistered.com. In addition, event organizers may request that Get Me Registered collect and store demographic data. Such auxiliary data requests vary on a per-event basis. None of the aformentioned data will be collected without user's knowledge, and will only be collected as explicity defined by said users.

Payment Data

Get Me Registered collects payment information in order to execute a user's registration request. For each credit card transaction, a partial card number is stored along with the IP address of the computer initiating the transaction. This is a security feature, and is used to prevent credit card fraud through malicious use of GetMeRegistered.com's payment processing system. CVV2/CVC2/CID numbers and security codes, full credit card numbers, and expiration dates are not saved by Get Me Registered.

Use of that Information

Registration Data

Registrant information is provided to event organizers, only for their events. Get Me Registered provides no warranty concerning organizers' use of such information. No information will be shared with third parties without a user's express authorization.

Payment Data

Payment information is sent via secure, encrypted HTTP (SSL/TLS) to a transaction processor. Once the processor approves or declines the transaction, payment data are discarded by Get Me Registered, except as described in the Information Collected section above.

Our Promise

Registrants' personal information will never be sold, traded, or disseminated in any way.

Many other providers take your registrants' personal information and sell it to third-party companies. Your participants deserve better! Trust. Experience. Service. That's GetMeRegistered.com.

Contacting Get Me Registered

Customer service inquiries may be made here.