The GetMeRegistered Difference

Registrant's personal information will never be sold, traded, or disseminated in any way.
Many other providers take your registrants' personal information and sell it to third-party companies. Your participants deserve better! Trust. Experience. Service. That's GetMeRegistered.

These are a few of the benefits that set GetMeRegistered.com apart:

    1. legendary client service (give us a try, and we'll prove it)

    2. we build your online form for you (some providers charge for this service)

    3. lower processing fees for your participants

    4. robust social media integration

    5. fundraising and donation tools

    6. volunteer management module

    7. your registrant database is your property, not ours or anyone else's

    8. we tailor & customize your form based on your data collection needs

    1. mobile and responsive - easily register on smartphones and tablets

    2. unique event QR (Quick Response) code for your marketing purposes

    3. entry confirmation widget for your registrants

    4. 24/7 real-time access to your online database

    5. Facebook and Twitter - social network sharing options

    6. you are provided a data-entry account for your mail-in applications (at no charge)

    7. we manage and respond to participant's inquiries - promptly and courteously

    8. company offices in three time zones

Here's what you won't get:

    1. your registrant's personal information harvested for future marketing

    2. live links to other events on your event pages

    3. third-party, unrelated solicitations

    4. your database sold, traded, or disseminated to third-party companies

    1. junk emails to your participants after they register

    2. advertisements and banner ads

    3. non-event related questions built into your form

    4. a minimum transaction fee (others set at $3.00 to $4.00)