Online registration is FREE*

* Online registration is FREE for event organizers, unless they choose to absorb the participants' costs. We add a fee to entry fees; we've made sure those numbers are listed during the registration process, prior to any charges taking place.

Your funds are sent on Fridays. ACH payments are sent weekly, and include all transactions through the previous Friday. Check payments are sent monthly, and include all transactions through the previous month. For registration forms with less than $300 in accrued fees, a check may not be sent without special request. Of course, once a registration form closes, all accrued fees will be sent in the next payment batch.

We can provide you and members of your staff with data-entry accounts to enter paper apps (including those that require credit card processing) into the online database. Then, your offline entrants can confirm their entries at GetMeRegistered.com or through your confirmation widget. Plus, you'll have substantial backups of those offline entries.

GMR also offers a full suite of marketing and event support services, including fully integrated Social Network Sharing, Charity Fundraising and Donations, and Volunteer Management.