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Volunteer Management understands the importance of managing the volunteers on whom your event depends so deeply. Our volunteer management capabilities allow you to streamline your volunteer registration, assign tasks, assign shift assignments, and communicate with relevant subsets of your workforce before, during, and after an event.

Our tools enable you to access volunteer information in real-time, and send email notifications with the latest event news, instructions, and assignment changes.

Event administrators can:

  • assign group leaders to event tasks
  • coordinate with internal and external volunteer groups
  • monitor and limit the number of volunteer registrations by task and group
  • communicate directly with group leaders, group members, job assignees, and individual volunteers
  • assign volunteers based on capabilities and/or certifications

We consistently strive to meet your volunteer management needs and adapt to your specific event.

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Our service team is ready to create online volunteer management forms that reflect the specific needs of your event or organization. If you have questions, or an event to post, please contact the service team.

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