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Flying Pig Marathon Charitable Donations - Paul Odipo's 4-way with Team SOTENI

Monday, May 19, 2014 in Cincinnati, OH

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Support SOTENI International and help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Kenya.

By sponsoring Paul in the 4-Way, or any of our Team SOTENI members (including Lori Nuckolls, John Wulsin, Marge Stowe, Randie Marsh, Alex Vrazo, Matthew Vrazo & Elizabeth Scheper), you can help families devastated by this disease in Kenya. Every little bit donated will help in the fight.

A message from Paul [/u]
I have personally lost close family members due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and have had to help care for the orphaned children left behind. It is with this in mind that I collaborate with and support SOTENI International as it reaches out to those impacted by HIV/AIDS in Kenya. The challenges for those left behind are daunting, thus it is imperative that we join hands to infuse their lives with a ray of hope. SOTENI Villages of Hope do just that.

I am thankful for all the support and encouragement I have received over time, but I must make a humble appeal to all well-wishers and supporters for their support of this worthy cause. With each step, yard, and mile, let us reach out and help those who are cheering us on to go just a little further on their behalf.

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Contributors on Behalf of Paul Odipo's 4-way with Team SOTENI

  1. $200.00 from Steve Wolf
  2. $150.00 from Anonymous
  3. $100.00 from Kari McCarty
  4. $100.00 from Mark Bergmann
  5. $100.00 from David Herdman
  6. $100.00 from Joseph Thomas
  7. $100.00 from Kim Brough
  8. $50.00 from Anonymous
  9. $50.00 from Susan Anthony
  10. $50.00 from Anonymous
  11. $50.00 from Neil Goldstein
  12. $40.00 from Colleen O'Connell
  13. $35.00 from WIlliam Shuster
  14. $30.00 from Tracy Huebner
  15. $25.00 from Jason Marsh
  16. $20.00 from Cliff Demartino
  17. $20.00 from Cheryl & Gordon Marsh
  18. $20.00 from Mary and Ron Habermas

Paul Odipo's 4-way with Team SOTENI has raised $1,240.00.
Paul Odipo's 4-way with Team SOTENI has a goal of raising $3,000.00.

progress: 41.33%

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