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Ohio Valley Voices is an early intervention program that teaches children with hearing loss to listen and speak through the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants. All children have the right to reach their fullest potential, and its Ohio Valley Voices mission to provide every child that attends their programs a language enriched environment and the tools to talk for the brightest possible future.

My niece Gianna (6 years old) attended OVV up till this past fall when she was mainstreamed for 1st grade. My other niece, Pia (20 months old) will be attending OVV soon. OVV has not only allowed Gianna to get the most out of her implants but have been a great support to my sister and brother-in-law in creating pathways for Gianna and Pia's unlimited potential.

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  1. $200.00 from Mary Ellen Kadera
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  4. $50.00 from Collin Schueler
  5. $50.00 from Charles O'Neill
  6. $50.00 from Monica Peckinpaugh
  7. $50.00 from Sarah Schilling
  8. $25.00 from Jacob ONeill
  9. $20.00 from Juliana O'Neill
  10. $20.00 from Anonymous

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