Delta Gamma Center 19th Annual Run for Sight - Team Avery / Team Margaret

Saturday, December 31, 2011 in St. Louis, MO at Union Station

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Last year, Team Avery (and the Geary family) introduced the McPheeters to both the Delta Gamma Run for Sight and sweet Avery Claire, who has been going through so many of the same struggles as Margaret. Avery lived just down the street from Margaret in Kirkwood, they were born just hours apart, and both girls have cataracts! The similarities don't stop there, but I'll keep this brief. This year, we decided to let the girls team up and start a fundraising team together for the 2011 Run for Sight.
Let us introduce you to TEAM AVERY / TEAM MARGARET!

Avery's Story:

Please check out Avery Claire's amazing story at If you prefer to send a check to avoid processing fees, email me at or send a check to my address at 141 LaGrange Place, Macon GA 31210 (please make the check out to Delta Gamma Center).

Margaret's Story:
As many of you know (and many of you don't), my daughter is stronger than anyone I know. I'm not nearly as together as Erin to maintain (or even start) a blog, so I'll share our story here...Margaret was born with congenital cataracts, and had her first of many surgeries when she was just 2 weeks old. We had a plan...surgically remove her natural lens (the cataract), have her fitted for a contact lens, wear an eye patch several hours a day, put her in arm restraints so she can't remove that patch, and in a couple of years, have a lens surgically implanted to give her close to 20/20 vision...for nearly a year, we stuck with that plan, and though I felt like I was torturing her, I knew there was a reason and a plan. Unfortunately, when she was 9 months old, Margaret developed glaucoma which went undetected long enough to destroy her optic nerve. Not a day goes by that I don't ask myself what would have happened if I had listened to that voice inside me and had taken her to the ER. She has since developed strabismus and amblyopia, and despite a series of surgeries, procedures, patch therapies and medications, Margaret has lost nearly all vision in her right eye. Her fifth and sixth surgeries were on March 15, 2011. Margaret received an intraocular lens implant (to replace the contact lens that we have put in every morning and taken out every night since she was just 2 weeks old), and she had a glaucoma procedure (to hopefully limit the medication she currently gets twice a day). Since the optic nerve is so badly damaged, Margaret will not suddenly regain sight after this surgery. However, nearly every day, I dream about the future...when something can be done to help regenerate or replace an optic nerve. So, I wanted Margaret to have this surgery so that all of the anatomy is there...just in case, in her lifetime, there is a cure. Lots of unknowns, lots of fear, but also lots of hope!!! I had been nervous, hesitating and putting off this surgery (it literally breaks a piece of my heart to watch them take her back, to hold her coming out of surgeries - she doesn't understand why we're doing this), but after seeing the amazing success that Avery had with her IOL implants just months ago, I was inspired, and I am incredibly excited to see what kind of results Margaret gets. We are now 6 days post-surgery. Margaret is doing pretty well - a little fussy, which could be due to a little discomfort from the surgery, or it could be because she's a four year old girl. I can't wait to go back to the surgeon in just 2 days to check her eye pressure, and test whether she can see anything! One of the doctors in the office seems to think that just because her optic nerve looks useless, it doesn't mean that there aren't parts of it that can still transmit, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...just in case! I will update this page as soon as there's anything more to report!

We would like to ask you to help our daughters make a difference and support this wonderful organization by participating in the run or walk on Sunday, May 1, 2011. Running has become such an outlet for both Erin and Jenny, and the Run for Sight is especially important to us. If you cannot participate, please consider making a donation to the Delta Gamma Center. All proceeds from the run go to the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments. For more information about the center, please visit their site at

Whether you run, walk or just come to cheer us on, we hope to see all of you there!

Erin, Brian and Avery Geary
Jenny, Alex and Margaret McPheeters

p.s. To avoid processing fees, you may make a tax deductible contribution by mailing a check directly to the Delta Gamma Center, 1750 S. Big Bend Blvd., Richmond Heights, MO 63117. If you put Team Avery/Team Margaret in the memo line, your donation will count toward our goal!

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Contributors on Behalf of Team Avery / Team Margaret

  1. Constance McPheeters
  2. Charles & Christina Bascom
  3. LeLe Applegate, Sam Applegate, Bill Applegate, Liza Applegate
  4. The Finan Family
  5. Tiffiny & Bryan Weidner
  6. Jennifer Scott
  7. Laney Hunter, Ellie Hunter, Clay Hunter, Katie Hunter
  8. Dean Sliney, Colleen Sliney, Margaret Sliney, Bridget Sliney
  9. Sumner Charles, Jennifer Charles
  10. Anonymous
  11. Liz Craft
  12. Ben Peck, Dawn Peck
  13. Anonymous
  14. Grace Coppel, Willy Coppel, Bill Coppel, Kathy Fulton
  15. Kalyani Prasad
  16. Colten Gall, Barrett Gall, Russell Gall, Kim Gall
  17. Anne Korb
  18. Erin Clarke
  19. Michael Kissel
  20. Hilary Von Rohr
  21. Jody Capdeboscq
  22. Elizabeth Rickard
  23. Phil &Cathy Douglas
  24. Phyllis Swindells
  25. David & Jany Martin
  26. Mark, Stephanie & Lily Schnuck
  27. Whitney Overby
  28. Kelly Girsch
  29. Julie Briggs
  30. Adam & Beth Taich
  31. Margaret McPheeters, Patrick McPheeters, Alex McPheeters, Jenny McPheeters
  32. Jim Hoffmann, Valerie Hoffmann
  33. Kate Hughes, Charlie Hughes, Greg Hughes, Lynn Hughes
  34. Regan Flaherty
  35. Lorraine Hawley
  36. Kellie Hynes
  37. michelle mitchell-bromfman
  38. Bridget Fitzgerald, Allison Fitzgerald, Cindy Fitzgerald, Matt Fitzgerald
  39. Erin Castellano, Annie Castellano
  40. Auden Geary, Avery Claire Geary, Brian Geary, Erin Geary
  41. Layne Humphrey, Cooper Humphrey, Michael Atkinson, Jennifer Humphrey
  42. Michael Todorovich, Katie Todorovich, Alexandra Todorovich, Claire Todorovich
  43. Anonymous
  44. Chloe Foerster, John Foerster, Janeen Foerster
  45. Jack Tipton, Holt Tipton, kevin tipton, katie tipton
  46. Mary Catherine Sotiriou, Reno Sotiriou, Evan Sotiriou, Catherine Sotiriou
  47. Tess Hannum, Carey Hannum
  48. Lew Murray, James Murray, Mark Murray, hannah murray
  49. Kate Gray, Peter gray, Abby Gray, Molly Gray
  50. Anna Crutchfield, Amanda Pollock
  51. Julia Blanchard, Eric Blanchard, Ladona Blanchard
  52. Joey Barringhaus, Bentley Barringhaus, Brigid Barringhaus
  53. Alex Bierling, Ainsley Bierling, Eric Bierling, Jennifer Bierling
  55. Mathew Birch, Catherine Birch, Elizabeth Birch, Ellen Birch
  56. Jami Dix
  57. Jastin Antisdel, Jamie Antisdel
  58. Todd Bromfman
  59. Molly Gray
  60. Kay Rehm
  61. Bridget Unger
  62. Meems & Bobs -
  63. Ronald Koble
  64. Angela Wood
  65. Kristine Hettenhausen
  66. Rachel Dewey
  67. Bill and Beatty Watts
  68. Elizabeth Mexted
  69. Carol Talton
  70. Kevin, Katie, Holt, Jack Tipton
  71. Ali,Davey,Tuck,Coop,Finnley Desloge
  72. Greg Roberts
  73. David Grosshans
  74. Amanda Baggett
  75. Stacy Lester
  76. Hana Taylor
  77. brittany harris
  78. Kelley Putnam
  79. Carrie Meyer
  80. Audrey Tucker, Lindsey Tucker
  81. Michael Young, Jill Young
  82. Leif Bergquist, Eleanor Bergquist
  83. Gio La Fata, Jessica La Fata
  84. Tommy Goodman, Katie Goodman
  85. Mary Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald
  86. Stephanie Gaines, Sarah Reading
  87. audrey rickard, david rickard
  88. Alison Desloge, David Desloge
  89. Bennett Janosky, Laura Janosky
  90. Annie King
  91. Lori Roth
  92. Jennifer Knuckles
  93. Kathleen Gee
  94. Jodie Tews
  95. Margaret Donnelly
  96. Lauren Brown
  97. Laura Peoples
  98. Adam & Kristen (Clay) Barnes
  99. Amanda Hehmeyer
  100. Debbie Thole
  101. Cori Wilson
  102. Stephanie Bentzel
  103. Beth Flach
  104. Michelle Baumstark
  105. Laura Todd
  106. Jamie Collins
  107. Angela Gray
  108. Ann Knese
  109. Liz Harry
  110. Jeff Giles
  111. Anonymous
  112. Shannon Colquhoun
  113. Kristin Schutzenhofer
  114. Jacqueline Byrne
  115. mary robichaux
  116. Jeryn Follas
  117. Missy Jensen
  118. sheila jones
  119. Marya Leaich
  120. Shernina Nichols
  121. Maggi Fitzgerald
  122. Jordan Dix
  123. Kerrie Hilton
  124. Ella Nichols
  125. Tatyana Vasylenko
  126. Annie Rosenkoetter
  127. The LaRossa Keune Family
  128. Anonymous
  129. Missy, William & Miles Jensen
  130. Anonymous
  131. Emily Beumer
  132. Kelly and Chad Clutes Clutes

Team Avery / Team Margaret has raised $2,540.00.
Team Avery / Team Margaret has a goal of raising $6,000.00.

progress: 42.33%

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