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Burning at the Bluff

in United States at Council Bluff Lake

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Race Info

The epic trail of Council Bluff Lake is your battleground! With approx 13 miles of singletrack, Council Bluff offers a rollercoaster of all that Missouri mountain biking has to offer. The trail follows the contour of a picturesque lake and offers no short cuts or bail-out roads. Be prepared: hiking many miles with a mechanical or flat is never fun! As it is an endurance race, each team will have a lap or two which may require a lighting system. All 12 hour race teams are required to have one set of bike lights and a secondary source of lighting (i.e., flashlight, cateye, petzel). Lights will need to be with any rider heading out for a lap 1.5 hours(5:00) before official sunset(6:30) and every lap thereafter.

Solo Info

Solo Man - One lone hombre.
Solo Woman - One lone chica.
6hr Men Solo - Think you are cool enough to go enduro but not tough enough for the full 12? Wuss!
6hr Woman Solo - Read above.

Team Info

Wicked Fast - 3 persons, any combo of expert or sport riders.
Fast - 3 persons, any combo of sport or beginner riders, no experts.
Fast in the Past - 3 person, open, combined age must be equal to or greater than 120 yrs.
Burnin Virgins - 3 persons all First Timer/Beginner class or one Sport rider with 2 beginners.
Women - 3 women, open.
Coed - 3 person, open, both genders must be represented.
1x 1 - 3 person, open, all bikes must only have one gear.
Clydesdale - 3 persons, 200+ lbs. each or team weight of 630+ lbs w/weigh-in at registration.


Please visit: www.ultramaxtri.com

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