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Group Training Sessions hosted by The Body Project at 516 3rd Street in downtown Des Moines

June 15th - August 10th Mondays - Fridays

Session times are 5:30 and 6:30 am

Attend at least 3x and up to 5x per week

Meet Your Coach

Training Sessions

3 Levels of Training. Note: Type of runners vary. This program is open for anyone meeting the requirements including high schoolers and adults.

• Starter
This training group will maintain an approximately 10 minute mile pace. This group consists of relatively new runners who are looking to improve their running ability. It is recommended that a Starter maintain a running regimen of 3x week for the past couple of months.
• Standard
This training group has previous experience with running and continues to implement running into his or her daily schedule. These runners have competed in local road races and enjoy trying new workout plans to add to their current fitness level.
• Experienced
This training group is looking to take his or her ability to the next level. This group has competed many times and has goals to be the very best they can be. These runners are students of the sport. They train competitively and have achieved success in the past.

Starters: Approximately 20-30 miles per week with one longer run of about 45 minutes and two days of rest or cross-training each week.

Standard: Approximately 35-45 miles per week with one longer run of about 60 minutes and one day of rest each week.

Experienced: 45+ miles per week. Long runs will vary but can be expected to be about at least 70 minutes.

All running will take place outside on public sidewalks and bike trails.

Time of training sessions: Monday-Friday (Attend at least 3x and up to 5x week)
Session times:
• 5:30 am
• 6:30 am

Saturday’s and Sunday’s will be on your own but will be a part of the training program

Program is designed for runners to compete in a road race during their training cycle
Road Race: Cruisin’ 4 Carter 5k
Date: Saturday August 12th 2017
Start time: 8:00am

Training Program

8-Week Program: Starter, Standard, and Experienced

• What is a monster? A monster is a strength, core, and stretching circuit. Usually a Tuesday monster if 40-50 mins and Friday monsters are 20-30 minutes.

• Depending on experience of runner, volume and intensity of workouts will change. Starter and Standard runners can expect to have less volume than an Experienced runner


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