City of St. George 4th of July Parade

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in St. George, UT

  • Independence Day Parade

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City of St. George 4th of July Parade

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2017 St. George 4th of July Parade! In past years we have had great success and local support and we expect this year to be just as good if not better! As a participant,*we strongly encourage you to build an actual float for the parade. Floats add something special to parades. They are more memorable than a simple car with a banner and increase the quality of the overall event. Have fun with your design and celebrate with us. If you have an actual float we will try to provide a veteran to ride on your float that will be recognized by our announcers. You can also bring your own veterans to ride your float.


Line-up Begins at 6:30 AM
Parade Starts at 7:45 AM
Parade Finishes at 9:00 AM
Entry arrival cut off time: 7:45 AM

Rules and Regulations Governing the City of St. George 4th of July Parade

Rules and Regulations Governing the City of St. George 4th of July Parade

The following rules are designed for the orderly control of the parade and with the specific goal of providing for the entertainment of the people.

1. Participants may include any pageant winner, political official, manufacturers, retailers, religious organizations, performing groups, sports teams, cheer or tumbling groups etc.
2. Participants in the parade shall be allowed to advertise to the extent of signs and handbills
showing their identity, groups or affiliations, items manufactured (excluding price) and other related matters to identify the participant. However, participants will not be allowed to deliver an audio
3. No person, group, organization, or any member of the parade will be allowed to stop along the parade route unless directed by a member of the parade committee.
4. Distance between units shall not be less than 100 or more than 300 feet.
5. If your performing group (dance, cheerleading, school groups and clubs) has a routine to perform, please make sure it is designed to permit constant forward movement of the parade. No stopping or
holding up traffic will be permitted.
6. Any animal or group of animals shall be required to have a clean-up crew immediately following the animal or group of animals.
7. Candy will be permitted but please be advised to throw into the crowd as to ensure the safety of the spectators.
8. Safety and Liability concerns and operation of your entry is your sole responsibility.
9. Handouts: In the interest of public safety. Candy, fliers, Frisbees or any other items handed out along the parade route are not to be handed or thrown from vehicles or floats. All items distributed shall be
outside of the farthest outside travel lane (Typically outside the white fog line.) Violating this requirement may result in removal from the parade and denial of future applications.


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