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League Information

West Union Parks and Recreation Director: Kathy Guyer.

West Union Soccer Head Coach: Ignacio Fuentes.

The West Union Soccer program will continue to be part of the Northeast Iowa Soccer League. This is a Level 3 Soccer League. This is a formal league that follows the Iowa Soccer Association guidelines.

Spring 2017 Season Dates: NEW

Practice will run from the week of March 20th through the week of May 15th. The weeks of May 22nd and May 29th are optional depending if team has a game on June 3rd. Practice are once a week for 8U. Twice a week for 10U & 12U. Three times a week for 14U and 15U.

Game Days: Saturdays mornings or afternoons depending on gender and age. The length of the game depends on the category of the child but it should not run over 1 hr. The location of the games depends on the Northeast Iowa Soccer League schedule. The games will run from April 8th through May 20th. June 3rd is for re-scheduled games. No games on Memorial Day weekend.


Who can be in a team?

EVERYONE. No child will be rejected to be part of a team. There can be more than one team for every category. The more teams we pull the better. This is level 3 soccer. Note that under the Level 3 rules, each player should be guaranteed to play at least 50% of the total time in the league. No player shall be forced off a team by a coach or by a parent due to lack of playing ability. The only reason a child would not be able to join is when we do not have enough children of the same age to make a team. In that case, we will notify you and refund your money.

Classification: NEW

Teams will be formed depending on age and gender. We are opening the program for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U categories. The classification goes depending on child's year of birth as follow:
8U: Born in 2009 and 2010.
10U: Born in 2007 and 2008.
12U: Born in 2005 and 2006.
14U: Born in 2003 and 2004.
15U: Born in 2002

If there are enough girls to form a team, the team will be entering the girls' league. Otherwise, girls will be playing in the coed league.


The registration fee will cover a new soccer jersey and socks. You can opt out of a new jersey if your child can wear the same uniform from the last season.
Children will also have to wear plain navy blue shorts, shin guards and shoes or soccer cleats for games. None of these are included in the registration fee. This equipment is required during games.

For practice, children can wear any color of shorts or sweatpants (no jeans), t-shirt, shin guards and shoes or soccer cleats.

NOTE. NEW: Consider this before getting a new jersey: We will be talking and working on getting new full uniforms for Season 2017-2018. More information on this to come. However, there will be the chance everyone will need a new uniform for the Fall of 2017. We are trying to keep prices as low as possible for parents. Complete uniforms from a different company cost $18.95. Working with McJs to see what they can do for us.


We will need two parent coaches for every team. Please consider volunteering to be a coach. Even if you don't have experience you can make a difference coaching a team. You will be given the necessary tools and guidance to coach your team successfully.

Responsibilities as Coach:

Each coach will be responsible for coaching his/her team during practice. Each coach will be responsible to attend his/her soccer game and act as a coach. These duties include but are not limited to: who will be playing first, determine who comes in and out during the game, keep an eye on the discipline of the team and outline a strategy for the game.
Each coach will be responsible to provide a good example of behavior for the players during practice and games. We want the coaches and players to have fun while learning about sportsmanship, competition and the game.


Number of games: We are guaranteed to play six games during the season in the Northeast Iowa Soccer League.

Location: If we have enough referees, coaching staff and the regulated field, we will be allowed to host three of those games. Away games will vary depending on the calendar of the League. Limited travel is requested for 8U and 10U teams. 12U, 14U and 15U teams might travel as far a Mason City.


We are in need of certified referees. If you are interested on becoming a referee, please let Kathy Guyer or Ignacio Fuentes know. The West Union community is very low on certified referees and that might impede our ability to play games at home.


Registrations must be entered by February 15th.

Please keep in mind that if we don't have enough children of the same category to form a team, they will not be able to join the program and we will return the registration fees. Please encourage children 12-13-14 years of age to participate. This will help prepare them for playing at the high school level.

PICTURE: It is important that you send a picture of your child after you send your registration to the Park and Rec. That way they get their league's passes. Please send the picture to nacfuentes@yahoo.com with the name of your child.

Cancellation Policy

If weather threatens the safety of the children, we will cancel practice. You will be notified through the school, email and/or our Facebook group. Soccer is played in the rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures. Games are cancelled only on extreme situations like flood or lighting.
There might be a time when a parent coach can't make it due to illness. If we are unable to fill his coaching spot for that practice day, we will try to reschedule practice. You will be notified through the school, email and our Facebook group.

Text Messaging Communication

In case there are weather related cancellation for practice, we will notify parents via email, Facebook and text messages. You may opt to receive the text message by signing up for this service. Simply send a text to 515-200-1592 with the message @westun and you will get them directly to your phone. This service will not be used for games cancellations. Your coach will contact you if that's the case.


For event-related questions, please click on the *Contact the Organizers* button on the left-hand side of this page.

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