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Battle for the Underground
Sweet Sixteen Pole Vaulting Competition

in United States at Crystal City Underground- 700 Crystal Ave

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Competition Rules for Breaking 5.80m Underground $16,000 USD Prize vault:

1.) The competition shall abide by the rules set forth by USA Track and Field (USATF) and when applicable, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).
2.) The attempt at a height exceeding current underground record of 5.80m would only take place if someone has qualified to make that attempt during the meet (i.e. the participant shall not have previously scratched out).
3.) Only athletes who have not yet cleared or exceeded a height of 5.80m will be eligible for the prize winning vault.
4.) The competition shall also abide by the criteria set forth by USA Track and Field for hosting a legal competition.*
5.) The actual attempt must be video recorded and any attempt exceeding the current underground record must be certified by USATF as legitimate prior to the claim being paid.
6.) Pertaining to Rule 183, the following amendments will be made in regards to the prize vault:
a. Athletes from any country may enter the competition provided they are compliant with their respective National Governing Body and eligible to compete under the rules set forth by the IAAF.
b. The athlete can only make claim on the prize if the bar is cleared on the first attempt at a height exceeding the current underground record. For example, the athlete cannot fail to clear the bar at 5.75m, pass to 5.81m, clear the bar on one of the remaining two attempts, and collect the prize money. In the event that an athlete chooses to pass 5.81m after successfully clearing the previous height, his first vault at a height over 5.81m (i.e. 5.81m, 5.82m, etc.) will count as the prize vault.
c. In the event that multiple athletes should clear the bar set at a height greater than the current underground record on their first attempt, the prize money shall be split evenly between the prize eligible athletes.
7.) The prize winner will be responsible for any taxes on the prize money.

*Criteria for a Meet/Event to be acceptable for USATF National Championships or Olympic Trials

In order for the mark(s) from a meet or single event to be acceptable for National Champ's or Olympic Trials qualifying AND for USATF to be able to verify to the IAAF and other ranking agencies the validity of the mark(s) for Olympic Games or World Championships qualifying, the following criteria are required:
1. The meet/event must appear on an organizations' previously published calendar of events.
2. Meet must be sanctioned (in advance) by USATF or the NGB of another nation, or be a meet that has been recognized by USATF, such as a high school or college invitational, championship, relay carnival, etc.
3. Must be held on a facility that is legal as per USATF and/or IAAF rules & regulations.
4. Must use USATF certified or recognized officials.
5. In the throwing events, all implements must be certified according to USATF and/or IAAF rules.
6. In the short sprints, short hurdles and horizontal jumps, a wind gauge and recordings for such must be used and reported.
7. At least three (3) competitors must participate in the event.
8. Trials & finals, qualifying and finals, etc. should all be run according to USATF and/or IAAF rules & regulations.
9. Results, including the field event recording sheet(s) must be sent/faxed (317-261-0514) to the USATF National Office no later than the day following the meet.
10. Results should also be transmitted to: USATF at [stats@usatf.org] and T&F News at [stats@trackandfieldnews.com].

Tentative Schedule:

10:00 am Beginner/HS Boys (Pit 1) and Beginner/HS Girls (Pit 2)
1:00 pm Masters Men/Women (Pit 1)
4:00 pm Open Men (Pit 1) and Open Women (Pit 2)
7 pm Elite Men (Pit 1) and Elite Woman (Pit 2)

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