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Issaquah Run - Hosted by The Foundation of the Rotary Club of Issaquah - Swedish Issaquah

Sunday, September 30, 2012 in Issaquah, WA at Sports Authority, 1185 NW Gilman Blvd

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[b]We hope you join Team Swedish Issaquah! [/b]

This year, [b]proceeds of the Rotary Run benefit the Swedish Cancer Institute - Issaquah[/b]. We are honored to be the recipient of these proceeds, and the money will directly benefit our patients who need the support.

Please join the team; the run promises to be a fun time for all. Thanks!

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Contributors on Behalf of Swedish Issaquah

  1. $100.00 from Chuck Salmon
  2. $50.00 from James Spiegel
  3. $25.00 from Maryellen Zinsley
  4. $25.00 from Linnea Peterson
  5. $50.00 from Andrew Cole
  6. $10.00 from Cathy Morgan
  7. $25.00 from Samantha Corman
  8. Tanya Parieaux
  9. Bonnie Gardner
  10. Craig Larsen
  11. Lorrie Kuhn
  12. Darrell Keeney
  13. Jan Meriwether
  14. Charlene Hulskamp
  15. Kathleen Moen
  16. Debbie King
  17. Lily Jung Henson
  18. John Henson
  19. Mary Howlett
  20. Dana Matthews
  21. Sherry Barber
  22. Martin Benning
  23. Emily Benning
  24. Ginger Robertson
  25. Kimberlee Smith
  26. Anastacia Wall
  27. Donald Barber
  28. Michelle Cole
  29. Susan Terry
  30. Tricia Matteson
  31. Jessica Oh
  32. Marian Reh
  33. Sarah Knight
  34. Angelina Montgomery
  35. Jody Turner
  36. Sarah Steffen
  37. Amy Christian
  38. Brian Christian
  39. Amelia Wilson
  40. Hannah Christian
  41. Josaline Larsen
  42. $5.00 from Craig Larsen

Swedish Issaquah has raised $290.00.

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