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Mountain Bike Indiana - Annual Membership

in United States at beginning term on May 1, 2022 - April 30, 2023

  • Individual Membership
    90% of your registration fee goes to your primary trail.

    » $25.00 registration

    Mountain Bike Indiana supports you and your local trail. Our trail system would not exist without you and the generous donations of land from owners and parks.
    MBI is a volunteer-based system and serves as the statewide voice of mountain biking.

    Your local Trail is the backbone of Indiana’s amazing singletrack and riding culture. The combination of MBI and your local trail is a productive pairing. With MBI, 100% of your membership fees stays in Indiana and is distributed to your primary trail. You may also wish to contribute to the other trails you ride by clicking on the "Donation Only" button.

    Why join MBI
    1. The most obvious - trails don't build/maintain themselves. Your volunteer effort is amazing and gets a huge amount of work done each year. MBI knows you need structured resources in terms of trail tools, equipment rental and operations.
    2. Membership is your voice as a rider with the land owner. Membership connects you to trail decisions being made at the local level.

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  • Family Membership
    Children under age 18 (as of March of current year) are free.

    » $25.00 per parent registration
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  • *NEW* - Brookville Lake Trail Group
    See details section below for details. FREE MBI membership code included in post-registration email.

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    Volunteer at Brookville Lake Trail

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    Each donation requires a separate, secure transaction.

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Brookville Lake Trail Group

Brookville Lake and Mountain Bike Indiana (MBI) are excited to announce a future trail opportunity for mountain bikers at the property. Volunteers are needed to make this project a reality.
The eastern portion of the Adena Trace trail will be expanded to multi-use, meaning this portion of the trail will be shared by both mountain bikers and hikers.

The trail will not open to mountain biking until volunteers are able to clear overgrowth and make other improvements to create an enjoyable experience for visitors. Additional volunteers are needed to accomplish this and to engage in regular trail maintenance after the trail opens.
Local project leaders Brian Nobbe & Terry Mays have created a Facebook page, Brookville Lake Trail Group, and have been organizing and posting volunteer opportunities to aid in recruiting assistance for trail work.

For those interested in volunteering, please follow the Brookville Lake Trail Group Facebook page, or visit the MBI website at mtbindiana.org
There is a demand for multi-use, natural surface, trails across the country and the Indiana DNR’s Division of State Parks looks forward to providing this opportunity for visitors at Brookville Lake in partnership with MBI and local volunteers.

When improvements are complete, there will be an official announcement from Brookville Lake that opens the trail for mountain bike access. For questions or more information, please call the Mounds State Recreation Area office at 765-647-2657.


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