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Hero Half

Saturday, May 27, 2017 in Sweet Home, OR at Community Chapel

  • 1.3 Mile Mini Marathon

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In consideration for acceptance of this entry, I agree to assume all risks, and forever waive, release, hold harmless and discharge all rights, demands, claims for damages, causes or suit or action, known or unknown, that I may have against USA Track and Field, Inc., its members, member clubs, associations, sports disciplines, and divisions, United States Olympic Committee (USOC), law enforcement, any and all participation sponsors, contributors, supporters, directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers of such parties, including but not limited to the Sweet Home Community Chapel, the City of Sweet Home, and The Morley Thomas Law Firm for any and all injuries and damages, in any manner, arising or resulting from my participation in the Hero Half including but not limited to negligence.

I am fully aware of and appreciate that training for a and running a any offered event may result in accidents or serious injury. I also acknowledge that the Hero Half does not offer any formal training. I acknowledge that the course is at times a road race, in an uncontained environment and on trails, each condition which creates additional hazards, including but not limited to moving cars, pedestrians, animals, strollers, other runners and rough terrain. I have reviewed the course on-line and had the opportunity to physically review the course. I understand the half-marathon is a difficult course. I also acknowledge that the use of head phones, ear buds or any other listening device that impairs my ability to perceive creates a hazard and a risk to me.

I agree to accept responsibility for all risks of injury with complete knowledge of the associated risks and I take full and sole responsibility of my own medical expenses. This waiver and release is binding on my heirs, assigns, and legal representatives.

I declare that I am medically able, properly trained, physically fit and capable of participating in this event and that my medical provider has approved my participation. I agree to independently consult my physician in the event of any injuries or medical questions arising from or related to my participation in the Hero Half.

I give permission for my information submitted in this application , and/or my name, photograph, motion picture recording, voice or likeness for any purpose, including pre race and post race publicity.

I agree to return my assigned timing chip at the race finish line or I will pay a $20 replacement fee. I understand that bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, inline skates are not allowed in the race and I will abide by this guideline.

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