VIRTUAL Alaska Airlines Dawg Dash - #HUSKYPHARMACIST

Monday, April 19, 2021 in United States

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Welcome to team #HUSKYPHARMACIST where all UWSOP students, faculty, alumni, friends and staff gather annually for Dawg Dash! This year as we all complete our races independently, our custom husky pharmacy school swag will be mailed directly to you.

Questions about team #HUSKYPHARMACIST? Contact Danielle Shubat at 206-616-7613 or

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  • Victoria Lam
  • Abigail Collado
  • Danielle Small
  • Megan McIntyre
  • Stacie Chen
  • Emerald Murrell
  • Brian Samar
  • Elizabeth Hetrick
  • Elizabeth Hetrick
  • Thomas Hughes
  • Traci Mitchell
  • Traci Mitchell
  • Traci Mitchell
  • Annie Downing, Don Downing
  • Diane Romero
  • Mika Koller, Gerhardt Koller, Kristin Perez
  • Ailish O'Sullivan
  • Jordan Afaga
  • Jordan Afaga
  • Vida Ordonez
  • Laurie Adams
  • Aidan Adams
  • Tim Adams
  • Laurie Adams
  • Teresa O'Sullivan
  • Teresa Osborn
  • Teresa Osborn
  • Andres Castillo, Lindsay Henderson, Waffles Henderson-Castillo
  • Matthew Elamparo
  • Matthew Elamparo
  • Matthew Elamparo
  • Ivan Figueira
  • Sara Jensen
  • Helen Marshall
  • Caitlin Blomquist
  • Jeff Rochon, Kirsti Rochon
  • Ryan Oftebro
  • Samantha Culwell
  • Janet Black
  • Doug Black
  • Xochitl Villarreal
  • Joshua Villarreal
  • Justin Fernando
  • Margaret Felix
  • Rhonda Roedler
  • Beverly Sakuda
  • Maurice Tran
  • Cyndy Clegg
  • Danielle Shubat
  • Curtis Jefferson

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