Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 2020 Fundraiser - Take a Peek At These Jaguars!

Thursday, December 31, 2020 in Bloomington, IN at IU Memorial Stadium

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Here in Bloomington, Indiana, the Jaguars of Childs Elementary, the Jaguars of the Jackson Creek Middle School Cross Country Team, and the members of Team Peek have combined to form an amazing group dedicated to helping cancer patients and survivors. We are:

Take a Peek at These Jaguars!

While this year's Hoosiers Outrun Cancer event may be virtual, our commitment to helping is a reality. Please join our team, make a donation, or both! Help us help others through the good work of the Olcott Center!

We will add dedications to our page as our team members request, starting with a special dedication:

For Kathy Van der Schans
An exceptional teacher loved by all and greatly missed.

For Elizabeth (Zib) Fackelman
My college roommate, my friend.

For Ashley Dunning
Thank you for modeling an everlasting sens of humor.

For Dennis Cheng
A fellow teacher and lover of libations.

For Tom Rude
An educator and inspiration.

To learn more about the services your money will help provide, click the link below!


Take a Peek At These Jaguars! Members

  • Sbira Kazakewich - Contribute to the HOC 2020 Fundraiser
  • Ryan and Erika Peek - Contribute to the HOC 2020 Fundraiser
  • Lisa Schlegel - Contribute to the HOC 2020 Fundraiser

Take a Peek At These Jaguars! has raised $100.00.
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