Superhero Run for Sight 2018 - Team Reese Cup

Thursday, May 10, 2018 in St. Louis, MO at Forest Park - Festival Plaza

Thank you for everyone's continued support of Team Reese Cup and The Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments!

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Contributors on Behalf of Team Reese Cup


  1. Brandon Franco - Make a Donation
  2. Brandon Franco - Make a Donation
  3. Loren Granger - Make a Donation
  4. Loren Granger - Make a Donation
  5. Leigh Berry - Make a Donation
  6. Elizabeth Teneyck - Make a Donation
  7. Mark Troendle - Make a Donation
  8. Joanne Steele - Make a Donation
  9. Rebecca Steele - Make a Donation
  10. Karen Frank - Make a Donation
  11. Anonymous - Make a Donation
  12. Brandon Franco - Make a Donation
  13. Doug Stewart - Make a Donation
  14. Ben Franco - Make a Donation
  15. Michelle Howard - Make a Donation
  16. Josh Maki - Make a Donation
  17. Marielle Elazegui - Make a Donation
  18. Marielle Elazagui - Make a Donation
  19. Zachery Sneed - Make a Donation
  20. Valerie Singley - Make a Donation
Donors total: $14,861.00

Event Participants

  1. Reese Harmon, Jake Harmon, Will Morgan, Kim Hansen - Individual and Team Registration
  2. Chris Schmid - Individual and Team Registration
  3. Melissa Schmid - Individual and Team Registration
  4. Brandon Franco, Sara Franco - Individual and Team Registration
Event Participants total: $214.00

Team Reese Cup has raised $15,075.00.
Team Reese Cup has a goal of raising $15,000.00.

progress: 100.50%

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