Superhero Run for Sight 2018 - Colton's Crew

Thursday, May 10, 2018 in St. Louis, MO at Forest Park - Festival Plaza

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Its that time of year again!

Come and help us celebrate and support a great organization and cause. Delta gamma helps so many families each year with the funds from this event.

This year is a super hero theme! We would love to have everyone on our team sport a costume or a cape.

I can't wait to see who can come support Colton and this great non-profit organization.

We hope to see you all out there!

Corey, Colton and Taylor

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Event Participants

  1. Morgan Bowen, Kailey Olson, Brianna Olson, Rhonda Olson - Individual and Team Registration
  2. Sam Poncin, Morgan Poncin, Mary Jill Poncin - Individual and Team Registration
  3. Grace Campbell, Mark Campbell, Gretchen Campbell - Individual and Team Registration
  4. Michael Nelson, Mallorie Nelson - Individual and Team Registration
  5. Wes Chatmon, Judi Chatmon - Individual and Team Registration
  6. Brenda Rentel - Individual and Team Registration
  7. Kim Olson - Individual and Team Registration
  8. Taryn Stone-Chatmon - Individual and Team Registration
  9. Rachel Jones - Individual and Team Registration
  10. Rene Nelson - Individual and Team Registration
  11. Taylor Olson, Corey Olson - Individual and Team Registration
  12. Stephanie Deterding, Charlie Deterding - Individual and Team Registration
  13. Kelly Jones, Amanda Jones - Individual and Team Registration
Event Participants total: $734.00


  1. Charles Sanders Jr - Make a Donation
  2. Doug Powell - Make a Donation
  3. Ron and lylas Chatmon - Make a Donation
  4. Robert Kaemmerlen - Make a Donation
  5. Traci & Steve Harper - Make a Donation
  6. Marilyn Largent - Make a Donation
  7. Jason Bunge - Make a Donation
  8. Brett & Megan Bayless - Make a Donation
  9. Patricia Seagraves - Make a Donation
  10. Stephen Weiss - Make a Donation
  11. Brian Trembath - Make a Donation
  12. Michael Puglisi - Make a Donation
  13. Steve Audrey Chatmon - Make a Donation
  14. Nancy Juenger - Make a Donation
  15. Mark Schlichtig - Make a Donation
  16. David Daspit - Make a Donation
  17. Leisa Heise - Make a Donation
  18. Carol Brenner - Make a Donation
  19. Terry Kahrhoff - Make a Donation
  20. Chris Gaylord - Make a Donation
  21. Robert Woestendiek - Make a Donation
  22. Nicholas Maddock - Make a Donation
  23. Sarah Jackson - Make a Donation
  24. Brenda Rentel - Make a Donation
  25. Kevin Rager - Make a Donation
  26. Lauralee Gilkey - Make a Donation
  27. Aaron Haas - Make a Donation
  28. Chris Fabick - Make a Donation
  29. Brenda Allen - Make a Donation
  30. Sharon Cool - Make a Donation
  31. Maureen Lawrence - Make a Donation
  32. Kyle Krieger - Make a Donation
  33. Donella Penrod - Make a Donation
Donors total: $1,600.00


  1. Brenda Rentel - T-shirts Only
  2. Sarah Jackson - T-shirts Only
Other total: $20.00

Colton's Crew has raised $2,354.00.
Colton's Crew has a goal of raising $2,000.00.

progress: 117.70%

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