Flying Pig Marathon Charitable Donations - Run for the Future (West Clermont Education Foundation)

Saturday, May 5, 2018 in Cincinnati, OH

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In 2018, West Clermont High School teacher Robin Hornberger is running 12 marathons to raise scholarship money for the Run for the Future Scholarship Fund. While teaching personal finance, Ms. Hornberger discovered that for many of the district's students college is so expensive that it will saddle them with debt that will take years to pay off. She was confronted with the hard reality that for many of her students a two-year degree or directly entering the workforce made more financial sense. She is striving to create this scholarship fund to allow students to pursue their dream careers by funding their college education.

The goal of the Run for the Future Scholarship Fund is to fully fund the college education of one West Clermont High School graduate each year beginning in 2021. This will be the first class to attend the new high school for all four years.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 through the Flying Pig. This is the amount that the scholarship foundation will give to each recipient for each of their four years of college.

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Contributors on Behalf of Run for the Future (West Clermont Education Foundation)

  1. $600.00 from Enrique Trabanino
  2. $100.00 from Lee Hornberger
  3. $100.00 from R.E. Middleton Construction Middleton
  4. $100.00 from Amy Fallis
  5. $100.00 from Holley Schmidt
  6. $50.00 from Bob Blauvelt
  7. $50.00 from Kathleen Edwards
  8. $50.00 from Joy Hickey
  9. $25.00 from Michael Overbey
  10. $25.00 from Rhonda Willenbrink
  11. $25.00 from Wendy Doyle
  12. $25.00 from Liz Gruber
  13. $20.00 from Jennifer Anderson
  14. $5.00 from Racheal Powers


  1. $120.00 from Stacy Recker
  2. $60.00 from Christine Kuschel
  3. $50.00 from Melissa Vonderheide
  4. $5.00 from Erin Cupito
  5. $80.00 from Becky May
  6. $5.00 from Mary Hutchinson
  7. $110.00 from Adrienne Acton
  8. $5.00 from Bill Sartain
  9. $5.00 from Cathy Herzog
  10. $50.00 from Seth Kirchner
  11. $460.00 from Chrissy Conrad
  12. $5.00 from Vic Schultz
  13. $115.00 from Shannon Lindley
  14. $5.00 from Amanda Fox
  15. $5.00 from Ashley Bradner
  16. $65.00 from Bre Istvan
  17. $5.00 from Hayden Eckhardt
  18. $50.00 from Mike Overbey
  19. $100.00 from Amy Dyer
  20. $55.00 from Trey Thuma
  21. $5.00 from Kurt Whitford

Run for the Future (West Clermont Education Foundation) has raised $2,635.00.
Run for the Future (West Clermont Education Foundation) has a goal of raising $2,000.00.

progress: 131.75%

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