24th Annual Dash for Dignity - Buddy's Buddies

Saturday, October 7, 2017 in Dallas, TX at Dallas Medical Center

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Hello Precious Friends and Family!!

I am so excited to share with you about Dash for Dignity 2017 to support ACHIEVE (formerly CDC) in serving adults with disabilities. Buddy has been working at Achieve for SEVEN years now!!

Oh how we THANK GOD for Achieve!!! Such a Blessing to the "Achievers" and their families! Soooo wonderful that Buddy and others to have the opportunity to work to their ability!!!

This year along with the Dash for Dignity there will be an EXCITING and FUN Carnival and a Health Fair!!! I am excited to bring my grands to have lots of fun!!!

Achieve's mission is to empower men, women (including veterans) with disabilities to ACHIEVE their highest level of independence and employment!! They do this SO WELL!!

Whether you sign up to run with us, make a donation to Buddy's Buddies or pray for our team and the Dash, we soooo much appreciate it!! Please go to the END of this page and click CONTRIBUTE or REGISTER.

Thank you and God Bless you!!

Love, Buddy and his Buddies

P.S. If you would like to invite others to run with us with or sponsor Buddy's Buddies, forward this link: secure.getmeregistered.com/homepage.php?id=126825

To learn more about Achieve click this link: www.achievedfw.org/

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Contributors on Behalf of Buddy's Buddies

  1. Jean Jones - Donate to Achieve
  2. Sarah Rotter - Donate to Sponsor a Child!
  3. Mojo and Cathy Neal - Donate to Achieve
  4. Brian Hamilton - Donate to Achieve
  5. Diana Brown - Donate to Achieve
  6. Jeanne Jones - Donate to Achieve
  7. Steve Chancellor - Donate to Achieve
  8. Susan Vick - Donate to Achieve
  9. Annie Zachary - Donate to Achieve
  10. Gena Rotter - Donate to Achieve
  11. Deborah Taylor - Donate to Achieve
  12. Anne Johnson - Donate to Sponsor a Child!
  13. Kelly Stephens - Donate to Sponsor a Child!
  14. Leslie Salas - Donate to Achieve
  15. Luke Bailey - Donate to Achieve
  16. Georgia Wright - Donate to Achieve
  17. Karen Hudgin - Donate to Achieve
  18. Donna Bostic - Donate to Achieve
  19. Kimberly McKee - 1/2 Mile Fun Run
  20. Michael McKee - 1/2 Mile Fun Run
  21. Leah Lovelace - 1/2 Mile Fun Run
  22. Andrew Lovelace - 1/2 Mile Fun Run
  23. Jeff Chancellor - Donate to Achieve
  24. Tracy Adams - Donate to Achieve
  25. Tina Digman - Donate to Sponsor a Child!

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