Shore Run/Walk - Team Farrell

Sunday, June 11, 2017 in Seattle, WA at Madison Park, 43rd Ave E

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Welcome to the team Farrell homepage. Looking forward to seeing you all on June 11th to support this great cause and to honor the memories of our dear Monica, uncle Frank, friends and family who have passed before us and those we love who are fighting cancer.

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Contributors on Behalf of Team Farrell

  1. Chloe Farrell, Connor Farrell, Hannah Farrell, Steph Farrell - Group/Family Registration
  2. Paul Farrell - Group/Family Registration
  3. Marcy Latta - 5K Walk - Leschi Park
  4. Pam Stokes - 5K Run - Leschi Park
  5. Lynden Baum - 5K Walk - Leschi Park
  6. Kay Baum - 5K Walk - Leschi Park
  7. Colleen Johnson - 5K Walk - Leschi Park
  8. Mike Farrell - 5K Run - Leschi Park
  9. $10.00 from Robyn Ayala - Donate/Contribute

Team Farrell has raised $10.00.
Team Farrell has a goal of raising $500.00.

progress: 2.00%

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