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Help us reach our fundraising goal so we can realize our mission to improve the quality of life for those with autism and their families.

We offer knowledge, information & resource services, family support, education programs, and community projects & events to increase autism awareness. Our organization increasingly seeks partnerships to build a better community for those touched by autism through active participation and collaboration with local, state and national autism organizations, advocates & leaders.

  1. 1 in 68: number of children identified with ASD
  2. ASD affects all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups
  3. People with ASD have different reactions to their sensory environment: 87% have a hightened response to touch and 87% to sound and 86% to visual stimuli.

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Contributors on Behalf of Autism Society Greater Cincinnati Flying Pig 2017

  1. $100.00 from Charmaine Kessinger
  2. $100.00 from Charmaine Kessinger

Autism Society Greater Cincinnati Flying Pig 2017 has raised $200.00.
Autism Society Greater Cincinnati Flying Pig 2017 has a goal of raising $5,000.00.

progress: 4.00%

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