Alki Beach 5k Walk & Run - Rachel Keil for NW Hope & Healing

Sunday, August 28, 2016 in Seattle, WA at Alki Beach Bathhouse

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Not everyone has the kind of support that I did when a suspicious lump was found on my mammogram. Join me and be one of 50 to donate $10 to support women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

In 2012 I had my first mammogram and a very suspicious lump was found. The breast specialist was pretty sure it was cancer.

I had good insurance at the time but still had a deductible to pay. If it weren't for the help of family I would have struggled to make that payment.

I was so grateful to have the support of friends and family during that stressful period between the mammogram and lumpectomy. The little care packages from friends and the meal delivered post-surgery helped me to feel cared for and reminded me that I was not alone.

The short story and the good news is that the lump turned out to be totally benign!

I am doing this run in honor of the women in my life who have had breast cancer. Karin Cole, Jessica Ryan, Sue Kutz, and Sue Franklin.

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  3. $50.00 from Karin Cole - Donate/Contribute
  4. $40.00 from Anonymous - Donate/Contribute
  5. $30.00 from Molly Matter - Donate/Contribute
  6. $25.00 from Elaine Lofas - Donate/Contribute
  7. $25.00 from Keirsten Quest - Donate/Contribute
  8. $25.00 from Mary Nemmert - Donate/Contribute
  9. $25.00 from Alesia Regan-Hughes - Donate/Contribute
  10. $25.00 from Becky Moore - Donate/Contribute
  11. $25.00 from Michael Ryan - Donate/Contribute
  12. $20.00 from Phoebe Patten - Donate/Contribute
  13. $20.00 from Clare Davitt - Donate/Contribute
  14. $15.00 from Anonymous - Donate/Contribute
  15. $10.00 from John McGrory - Donate/Contribute

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