Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Mercer Island Half 2016

Mercer Island Half - Dave and the GCW Minions

Sunday, May 1, 2016 in Mercer Island, WA at Mercer Island Community and Events Center

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Welcome to the home page for Dave and the GCW Minions. As a current colon cancer patient who wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, I am happy to accept your donation or participation on my team as a runner in support of colon cancer prevention. The more the merrier!

And it appears you can participate in any of the race lengths while still being a part of the team, so don't feel compelled to limit yourself to 5K if you prefer longer events.

I suspect most will have found this page via my blog, but if not, and you want to understand the team name, you can find the background there:

Thanks again for your interest,


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Contributors on Behalf of Dave and the GCW Minions

  1. $50.00 from Suzanne Roman - Half Marathon Walk - Individual
  2. $100.00 from Tim Streck - Donate/Contribute
  3. $50.00 from Carol Wiesenbach - 5K Run/Walk - Individual
  4. Marivic Pinedo, Adan Pinedo - Group / Family Registration
  5. $30.00 from Mary Beth Cunningham - 5K Run/Walk - Individual
  6. $20.00 from Anonymous - 10K Run - Individual
  7. $50.00 from HeeYoung Lee - Donate/Contribute
  8. $20.00 from Barb Purington - 5K Run/Walk - Individual
  9. $20.00 from John Streck - Group / Family Registration
  10. Cindy Streck, Tim Streck - Group / Family Registration
  11. $20.00 from Ginger Smith - 5K Run/Walk - Individual
  12. $30.00 from Anonymous - Donate/Contribute
  13. $20.00 from Anonymous - Donate/Contribute
  14. $100.00 from Luke Stafford, Ben Stafford, Brian Stafford, Catherine Stafford, Jack Stafford - Group / Family Registration

Dave and the GCW Minions has raised $510.00.
Dave and the GCW Minions has a goal of raising $567.00.

progress: 89.95%

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