RCC Run the Woods

in United States at Goeldner Woods Park

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  • 4-Mile XC/Trail Race

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  • 4-Mile XC/Trail Race - Team of 4

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  • RCC Run the Woods Presents the Inaugural State Pull-up Championship

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About the Event

4-Mile trail runs over open pasture to dense timber; including rocks and rough terrain, steep upgrades and water crossing. Your shoes WILL get wet! A pull-up contest follows the race. Every pull-up (or chin-up) subtracts 30 seconds from your total time.

Beef Stew served by the Iowa Machine Shed following the race.

Team Competition

Gather your friends and sign up for the four mile timber run and pull-up challenge! Teams of four with the lowest net times will compete for awards. 30 seconds from your run time will be subtracted per pull-up completed.

Pull-up Competition and Rules

The Pull Up competition is divided into male and female categories and records the highest number of pull-ups or chin-ups achieved by the participant.

Pull-up Competition Rules:

1. All pull-ups shall be executed with two hands, both of which must remain in contact with the Pull-up Bar during the entire competitive attempt. Competitors shall grip the Pull-up Bar using either:
- Supinated grip (palms facing the competitor)
- Pronated grip (palms facing away from the competitor)
- Mixed grip (one palm facing the competitor, the other facing away from the competitor)

2. The competitor shall not change, widen or narrow his grip of the Pull-Up Bar during the competitive attempt.

3. The competitor is allowed to improve his grip of the Pull-Up Bar as long as a part of his hand (the fingers or the palm) remains in contact with the Pull-Up Bar.

4. The competitor steps onto the Competition Platform in his/her own turn in the competition order and grips the Pull-Up Bar with the grip of his/her choice (supinated, pronated or mixed). The Chief Referee then gives the verbal command ‘Hang’, and the competitor adopts the Down Position. Once the competitor is in the acceptable Down Position, the Chief Referee gives the verbal command ‘Pull’, after which the competitor may start the competitive attempt.

5. During the competitive attempt, the competitor does as many pull-ups as possible by flexing elbow joints until at least the tip of chin completely passes the Pull-Up Bar, both vertically and horizontally in the Up Position and then returns to the Down Position by extending elbow joints. After clearing the Down Position, the competitor may start a new repetition attempt.

6. The competitive attempt ends when the competitor releases one or both hands from the Pull-Up Bar and/or when a Referee gives the verbal command ‘Stop’.

7. Continue until failure while assuming proper form.

8. Swinging, kipping or jerking the body or legs to use momentum during pull ups is not allowed. Pull ups must be done as clean as possible and improper pull ups will not be counted by the judge.

9. In case of a tie, an additional round will be held amongst the competitors that are tied 5 minutes after the initial round ends.


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