Hoosiers Outrun Cancer Fundraiser

Saturday, September 28, 2019 in Bloomington, IN at IU Memorial Stadium

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* 2019 HOC Fundraising Campaign
Bill Bartley (2 members, $35.00)
GP Strategies (2 members, $45.00)
Honoring Alan Devney
IU SICE Steppers
Outrun Cancer with Lynne (1 member, $20.00)
Schulte's Squad (3 members, $70.00)
Show Me the Money
Team Hope Pres (1 member, $15.00)
Team Jenny (1 member, $200.00)
Team Peek and JCMS (1 member, $50.00)
progress total raised: $435.00
goal: $250,000.00

progress: 0.17%


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