Eugene Multi Sport Adventure

Sunday, October 27, 2019 in Eugene, OR at Eclectic Edge Racing Offices

  • Individual

    » $30.00 Registration (through 10/26 at 11:59 PM US/Pacific)
    Individual Registration

  • Two Person Team

    » $50.00 Registration (through 10/26 at 11:59 PM US/Pacific)
    Two Person Team Registration

  • Three Person Team

    » $70.00 Registration (through 10/26 at 11:59 PM US/Pacific)
    Three Person Team Registration

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Event Description

This unique event has three phases: run, bike and golf. Participants can register to complete two or three of the phases. The run is a 5K, the bike is a 15K, and the golf is a 10-ball event. On the golf phase, participants will have 10 golf balls with their bib number on them, they will hit their balls towards a circular target placed 50 yards away. For every ball that lands in the target zone, the participant will have 1 minute deducted from their total time.

Entry includes timing, refreshments, awards, and random-prize drawings. The top three in each age group in the individual divisions will receive awards. The top three in each of the three divisions (men, women and mixed) in all team event options will receive awards.

For course maps, please visit the official event page: Click here to view the official event site.

Event Options

Participate as an individual, or as a member of a two-person team or three-person team.

Individual & Two Person Team Event Options
Run | Bike
Run | Bike | Run
Run | Bike | Golf
Run | Golf | Run
Run | Golf

Three-Person Team Event Options
Run | Bike | Run
Run | Bike | Golf
Run | Golf | Run

The Golf Segment

The golf component is as follows: Whichever event you do, the golf segment will be the final "leg" - if you're doing the Run/Golf, then you'll run first; if you're doing the Run/Bike/Golf, then you'll run, bike and then golf. The golf "range" is in a field across the street from the Eclectic Edge Racing offices. Upon entering the range, you'll receive a bucket of 10 balls with your bib number on them. You can bring your own club to use or you can use one provided (9 irons and wedges). You'll hit your 10 balls towards a flagged circle (30 feet in diameter), from a distance of 50 yards. For every one of your balls that lands in the circle, you'll receive a 1 minute deduction to your final event time. There will be a marshal (with protective gear) stationed in the circle who will raise a flag if your ball lands in the circle, to inform you. During breaks in the golf action, the marshal will collect the balls and report the official time total to the finish line.


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