Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Mercer Island Half 2018 events

Mercer Island Half

in Mercer Island, WA at Mercer Island Community and Events Center

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    Funding Colon Cancer Prevention.
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* General Donation to Colon Cancer Prevention (74 members, $1,035.00)
Alpha Phi Seattle Alumni (Susie Lindquist Mjelde) (4 members, $20.00)
Apieceoflove (1 member, $10.00)
Beast Runners (1 member)
Bottoms Up (3 members, $120.00)
Dave and the Minions (2 members)
FarmersFit (53 members)
Gastro Girl (14 members, $116.00)
Gayle Force (4 members)
Island Books (4 members, $200.00)
IV-leaguers (2 members)
Meri Cancer Fighters
Nancy’s BB
OCA for Coach John (75 members, $730.00)
OCA Team
Olympic Cascade Aquatics
Olympus Respiratory America (54 members, $1,735.00)
P's Posse (4 members, $10.00)
Paracle (13 members)
Redmond Sprinters (21 members)
Run with Todd (8 members, $50.00)
RunnerGogue at HNT (2 members, $120.00)
Seattle Shrink Wrap (2 members, $50.00)
Survivor Squad (10 members, $20.00)
Team Allison (7 members, $128.00)
Team Esten (5 members, $325.00)
Team G-Unit (3 members, $50.00)
TEAM HFB (2 members)
Team Molly (19 members, $1,095.00)
Team Swedish (56 members, $410.00)
The B-Team (6 members, $30.00)
Udayan Care USA (2 members)
Ugly Seattle Beast (6 members, $150.00)
Viet Owls (1 member)
progress total raised: $6,404.00
goal: $50,000.00

progress: 12.81%


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