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Friday, July 30, 2021 in United States

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Blindness is very rare, even more rare in children, and has a profound impact on all areas of development. 70-80% of our learning is done visually so lacking vision means that learning requires a specialized approach. Parents around the country (and the world) struggle daily to find support and services for their children and parental support and education as well. Unfortunately, in most places that support is severely lacking or absent completely. Many parents drive hours for doctor appointments and many children donít have the option to attend classes or events for the blind community, growing up without any sort of blind peer or blind mentor support.

Here in STL we have a terrific organization, Delta Gamma Center, that provides life-changing support to blind and visually impaired children ages 0-18 as well as emotional and advocacy support for their parents. I honestly donít know where Lela or I would be without them. I am confident that she would not have achieved all she has without their specialized 0-3yrs vision team intervention through First Steps. They continue to provide her with awesome opportunities for learning and fun through their Grads program and she loves every minute!

Please consider joining Lelaís team today to join us in person on 5/22 or to participate in the virtual 5K run/2K walk. Help us ensure this incredible organization can continue to provide excellent opportunities to children throughout the STL area.

Did I mention their services are free for the children they serve? Theyíre amazing!

Lela will be participating in the in the in person 2K walk in the 9:15 time slot. If that time is full feel free to choose a different slot and we will be sure to be there to cheer you on!

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