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Friday, July 30, 2021 in United States

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Hey guys! We are going to try this again!!! Delta Gamma Run for Sight 2021 will be both in person at Forest Park and virtual! Even though I was sad that Addie’s Army didn’t get to walk as a team for our first year we still raised a lot of money for Delta Gamma who has played an instrumental part in providing Addie and our family with therapy, experiences, and education to prepare both her and us for the road ahead! I feel like there are many choices of “walks” that we could participate in for our little CHARGE syndrome warrior but this is the one for us! Delta Gammas support and involvement in our lives is unmatched! Please join in in person or virtually to support Delta Gamma and all they do for the visually impaired.

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Event Participants

  1. $160.00 from Jason Gramling, Rosanne Gramling - In Person Events
  2. $110.00 from Sean Counterman - Virtual Events
  3. $55.00 from Marcela Portillo - In Person Events
  4. $85.00 from Caroline Cordia, Robert Cordia - In Person Events
  5. $110.00 from Kevin Cordia, Bridget Cromien - In Person Events
  6. $55.00 from Becca Cordia - In Person Events
  7. $34.00 from Chris Green - In Person Events
  8. $105.00 from Brittany Counterman, Parker Counterman, Ginna Counterman, Ryan Counterman - In Person Events
  9. $30.00 from Kristin Fakhrzad - In Person Events
  10. $30.00 from Jahon Fakhrzad - In Person Events
  11. $30.00 from Patricia Cordia - In Person Events
  12. $60.00 from Jeff McDonnell, Tracie McDonnell - In Person Events
  13. $30.00 from Bridget Thomason - In Person Events
  14. $30.00 from Alex Thomason - In Person Events
  15. $30.00 from Travis Thomason - In Person Events
  16. $60.00 from Adrienne Brusca, Ian Zarvos - In Person Events
  17. $30.00 from Sienna Cordia - In Person Events
  18. $30.00 from Cole Fakhrzad, JJ Fakhrzad - In Person Events
  19. $134.00 from Camille Adkins, Jessica Adkins, Levi Adkins, Nadiah Adkins - Virtual Events
  20. Owen Fakhrzad - In Person Events
Event Participants total: $1,208.00


  1. $50.00 from Kristen Koeller - Make a Donation
  2. $30.00 from Ann Teal - Make a Donation
Donors total: $80.00

Addies Army has raised $1,288.00.

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