Virtual Run for Sight 2020 - Hodgen’s Heros

Monday, June 15, 2020 in United States

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Hodgen was diagnosed with Ocular Albinism at 4 months old. While his vision needs are, thankfully, minimal at this stage, we are grateful for the support we’ve received from Delta Gamma as we navigate this journey with Hodgen.

Consider joining our team (or donating to our team) to help us raise money so individuals like Hodgen can receive the vision services they need!

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Contributors on Behalf of Hodgen’s Heros

Event Participants

  1. Benjamin Voss - 5K Run
  2. Abby Roetheli - 2K Walk
  3. Sara John - 2K Walk
  4. David Chun - 5K Run
  5. Meghan Chun - 5K Run
  6. Maggie Klonsky - 5K Run
  7. Chris Roetheli - 2K Walk
  8. Jenna Voss - 2K Walk
  9. Wynnie Roetheli - 2K Walk
  10. Hodgen Roetheli - 2K Walk
  11. Mikey Voss - Kids Dash (Ages 10 and Under)
  12. Francis Voss - Kids Dash (Ages 10 and Under)
  13. Ramona Voss - Kids Dash (Ages 10 and Under)
  14. Alexander John - 2K Walk
  15. Alexander John - Kids Dash (Ages 10 and Under)
Event Participants total: $455.00


  1. Barb Voss - Make a Donation
  2. Teresa and Bill Bayer - Make a Donation
  3. Kevin Cundiff - Make a Donation
  4. Blake Cundiff - Make a Donation
  5. Christopher Cundiff - Make a Donation
  6. Emily Elwell - Make a Donation
  7. Kristen Barber - Make a Donation
  8. Mary White - Make a Donation
  9. Lawrence Baerveldt - Make a Donation
  10. Ann Mueller - Make a Donation
  11. Amanda Crawford - Make a Donation
  12. Alisa Cox - Make a Donation
  13. Julia Woodard - Make a Donation
  14. Maureen Sias - Make a Donation
Donors total: $894.00

Hodgen’s Heros has raised $1,349.00.

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