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Thursday, July 30, 2020 in United States

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Thank you so much for supporting Lela at the Run for Sight! Whether you have chosen to walk with us, donate, or both we appreciate it!

Lela has benefitted so much from the services offered by Delta Gamma Center. From 0-3 all of her early intervention services were provided by DGC. Currently she enjoys many enrichment activities with DGC such as monthly classes and family social events like ice skating. Spending time with other blind children while engaged in fun activities gives Lela a place of belonging and also helps her build the skills she needs to become a successful adult. As she gets older she will have the opportunity to participate in overnight trips and challenging activities such as rock climbing through DGC. All of these amazing activities and interventions are provided to families free of charge!

Delta Gamma Center is an amazing resource for families with blind and low vision children throughout the metro St. Louis area. In most parts of the country finding anyone who understands vision loss, let alone provides therapies and activities for kids with vision loss, is nearly impossible. We are so blessed to have such an important organization just minutes from home. Thank you again for your support that will help provide important resources, advocacy, and experiences for blind and low vision children like Lela!

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Event Participants

  1. $230.00 from Nelly McDowell - 2K Walk
  2. $80.00 from Sabrina-Marie Barretto - 2K Walk
  3. $55.00 from Gregory Dickerson - 2K Walk
  4. $35.00 from Rebecca Krohn - 5K Run
  5. $30.00 from Beth Trog - 2K Walk
  6. $30.00 from Dan McDowell - 2K Walk
  7. $30.00 from Carrie Sutherland - 2K Walk
  8. $30.00 from Brent Imhoff - 2K Walk
  9. $30.00 from Elliot Imhoff - 2K Walk
  10. $30.00 from Owen Imhoff - 2K Walk
  11. $30.00 from Cecilia Imhoff - 2K Walk
  12. $30.00 from Claudia Imhoff - 2K Walk
  13. $20.00 from Mikayla Speckman - 5K Run
  14. $10.00 from Luke McDowell - 2K Walk
  15. $10.00 from Conor McDowell - 2K Walk
  16. $10.00 from Lela Imhoff - 2K Walk
Event Participants total: $690.00


  1. $200.00 from Nelia Barretto - Make a Donation
  2. $100.00 from Brendon Barretto - Make a Donation
  3. $100.00 from Tammy Marlotte - Make a Donation
  4. $60.00 from Nora Sutherland - Make a Donation
  5. $50.00 from Jenni Biggs - Make a Donation
  6. $50.00 from Colleen Marble - Make a Donation
  7. $15.00 from Stephanie Latina - Make a Donation
Donors total: $575.00

Lela's Groupies has raised $1,265.00.
Lela's Groupies has a goal of raising $2,500.00.

progress: 50.60%

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