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Thursday, July 30, 2020 in United States

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UPDATE! Iím sure everyone has received emails regarding the change of the Run for Sight to a virtual race. Iím super bummed since this was our first one and was so thrilled at how many people were wanting to participate! I have been in contact with Delta Gamma and Iím sure everyone has gotten email sent that the virtual race will be running from April 19 until June 19! Take pictures And submit them or send them to me! I canít wait to see! Everyone is supposed to still be getting Delta Gamma T-shirts for registering and they should be mailed out to you! I canít tell you how much everyoneís Participation means to me. Delta Gamma has and continues to directly impact our family.
Love, The Countermans❤️

Hey guys! You all know Iím all about walks/runs for all causes. Never thought I would be doing one to celebrate and both raise money and awareness for my own little one...but here we are! This year we are doing the 2K walk so everyone can participate. The event is put on by Delta Gamma which has been an invaluable resource for us this past year. We are beyond excited to participate in this event and would love for you to join us! We are going to have Addieís Army shirts for our team...canít wait!


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Contributors on Behalf of Addies Army


  1. $100.00 from Kristy & Josh Davis - Make a Donation
  2. $100.00 from Iris Hamm - Make a Donation
  3. $95.00 from Anna Hyland - Make a Donation
  4. $50.00 from Jessica Adkins - Make a Donation
  5. $50.00 from Heather Cunningham - Make a Donation
  6. $50.00 from Patricia Barrows - Make a Donation
  7. $50.00 from Donna and Cathy Frank - Make a Donation
Donors total: $495.00

Event Participants

  1. $160.00 from Travis Thomason, Bridget Thomason - 2K Walk
  2. $55.00 from Becca Cordia - 2K Walk
  3. $55.00 from Levi Adkins - 2K Walk
  4. $45.00 from Callie Counterman - 5K Run
  5. $45.00 from Sean Counterman - 5K Run
  6. $79.00 from Reese Barker, Zoe Barker, Sara Barker - 2K Walk
  7. $40.00 from Kristin Adams - 2K Walk
  8. $35.00 from Jessie Dickerson - 5K Run
  9. $35.00 from Anonymous - 5K Run
  10. $35.00 from Anonymous - 5K Run
  11. $34.00 from Jeff McDonnell - 2K Walk
  12. $34.00 from Jessica Adkins - 2K Walk
  13. $30.00 from Brittany Counterman - 2K Walk
  14. $30.00 from Ryan Counterman - 2K Walk
  15. $30.00 from Ginna Counterman - 2K Walk
  16. $30.00 from Tracie McDonnell - 2K Walk
  17. $30.00 from Rosanne Gramling - 2K Walk
  18. $30.00 from Jason Gramling - 2K Walk
  19. $30.00 from Jake Adams - 2K Walk
  20. $30.00 from Robert Cordia - 2K Walk
  21. $30.00 from Caroline Cordia - 2K Walk
  22. $25.00 from Patricia Cordia - 2K Walk
  23. $15.00 from Parker Counterman - 2K Walk
  24. $15.00 from Jackson Adams - 2K Walk
  25. Adeline Counterman - 2K Walk
  26. Lincoln Adams - 2K Walk
  27. Lucy Dickerson - 5K Run
Event Participants total: $977.00

Addies Army has raised $1,472.00.

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