Virtual Run for Sight 2020 - Olivia’s Gang

Thursday, July 30, 2020 in United States

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Our daughter Olivia was diagnosed at 7 months old with a rare genetic condition called Ocular Albinism. DGCkids has been an amazing support system to us and Olivia, helping her reach her full potential, despite her visual impairment. They serve countless families in the region, providing vision services, specialized to the child's needs, parent support groups and endless resources for coping with difficulties that may arise for a child with a visual impairment. DGCkids has been a major influence in our lives, and we hope you will make a difference for the many other families recieving services. Thank you in advance for supporting DGCkids by either making a donation to our team, "Olivia's Gang", or joining our team for the walk/run in Tower Grove Park on April 19th!!
Message me for more details!!

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Contributors on Behalf of Olivia’s Gang


  1. $1,028.00 from Link Electronics - Make a Donation
  2. $107.00 from Jamie Glamann - Make a Donation
  3. $100.00 from Gary & Sharon Goza - Make a Donation
  4. $100.00 from Cynthia Austad - Make a Donation
  5. $100.00 from Vicki Coppin - Make a Donation
  6. $100.00 from Cynthia Austad - Make a Donation
  7. $50.00 from Julia Kleinheider - Make a Donation
  8. $50.00 from Janet Kleinheider - Make a Donation
  9. $10.00 from Anna Rose, Glamann - Make a Donation
Donors total: $1,645.00

Event Participants

  1. $280.00 from Jennifer Kendall - 2K Walk
  2. $125.00 from Laura Carder - 2K Walk
  3. $100.00 from Mary Straub - 2K Walk
  4. $55.00 from Harold Glamann - 2K Walk
  5. $35.00 from Miya Howell - 5K Run
  6. $34.00 from Lucas Kendall - 2K Walk
  7. $34.00 from Gary Goza - 2K Walk
  8. $30.00 from Sharon Goza - 2K Walk
  9. $20.00 from Jackson Kendall - 5K Run
  10. $20.00 from Adrienne Howell - 5K Run
  11. $20.00 from Lucah Howell - 5K Run
  12. $15.00 from Olivia Kendall - 2K Walk
  13. Olivia Kendall - Kids Dash (Ages 10 and Under)
  14. Jackson Kendall - Kids Dash (Ages 10 and Under)
Event Participants total: $768.00

Olivia’s Gang has raised $2,413.00.
Olivia’s Gang has a goal of raising $2,000.00.

progress: 120.65%

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